Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My girl is growing up. She sat all by herself in the booster chair today to get her hair cut AND I was still in the salon standing next to her. Honestly, I have left the salon bleeding from where she scratched the poop out of me. Since the wild woman has a problem with me being in the salon why she gets her hair cut- I have been known to hide in the storage area or to even go outside of the salon while Spenser or daddy held her. She cooperates for everyone but me so I have to be the one to go and hide. :) Today was a HUGE day...not only did she sit in the chair by herself, BUT I was standing right next to her while she got a haircut. DANG I am so proud of this girly of mine.

Oh and another biggie for Ashlyn, she doesn't ask to watch cartoons or baby shows anymore, like Barney, Wiggles, Teletubbies, etc. Now she wants to watch - nah nah nah -tanna. That translates to what? Hannah Montana. he he he! She also asks to watch "Corey in the house". I love this girl.

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