Friday, April 18, 2008

Need prayer?

I was going down my prayer list yesterday and chuckled at the thought of people who are on my prayer list that don’t even have a clue that I exist! I have a prayer journal with lists of names of people that I pray for everyday. I call out each of their names because I don’t want to miss anybody that needs prayer. I am a member of a few Down syndrome boards and also lurk at several Down syndrome boards and there are several children and families that I pray for...and as I said above most of these people don't even know me because I am a lurker, LOL. I have children with cancer, orphans, sickness, medical conditions, etc that I pray with faith that they will be answered. I also pray for family members of my friends, friends of friends, people at my church and people in my communities. If you have a prayer request send me a note and I would be delighted to add others to my list.