Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hopefully this trick will help someone else!

Giving a child medicine should not be torture….. to the child or to the parent. Poor Ashlyn has a nasty cold and she needed some Tylenol and Dimetapp last night. It is so stinking hard to get meds into her – you need somebody to get her in the headlock, somebody to hold her nose so that she can’t taste the nastiness of the med very well and somebody to squirt the meds into her. Last night she was just so miserable so I sat and thought about it for a bit trying to come with another way to get the liquids in her. We have tried mixing it with juice, soft drinks etc and she never ever finishes her drinks because the med is yucky. So last night I found a WONDERFUL way to give her the meds and it actually worked! I thought that the med might be too bitter to mix with ice cream but I tried it and you could barely even tell there was something else in there! I made her a small scoop of cookies and cream ice cream, added the Tylenol and a little milk…. She ate it all up! So then I got her another small scoop and added the Dimetapp… I thought surely you would be able to taste this bitter mess….but NOPE…. She ate it all up too! I sure wish I had figured this out YEARS ago!!!

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