Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why Lord?

I know that we aren't supposed to question our Heavenly Father, but sometimes it is hard not to. Two precious little girls with Down syndrome have been diagnosed recently with Leukemia. After *my* Ashlyn licked infantile spasms, the big L word has always been a huge fear to me. I hold these two families of Ashlyn and Chelsea up in my prayers and hope that everyone who reads this will give God their prayers for peace and quick healing.

Here are two powerful songs that I hope that you will listen to and rememer that God has purpose for every trial that we go through. I found the wonderful talent of Rita Springer surfing through blogs. These songs give such hope to those of us who are hurting and in need of strength. Please listen! If you look to the left and scroll down until you see a orange and pink flash fetich audio player, click on the buttons that are two lines ll to pause the music that automatically loads and plays on my blog so that you can listen to the music from the videos!

*WARNING* for the video "the Cross or the Crowd" ... it has graphic video from "the Passion of the Christ" movie. If you are squeemish, close your eyes and just listen to the music. It is beautiful!


Casdok said...

Thank you.
Beautiful songs

rebecca said...

I have had this fear for almost two years now. We have managed to avoid it thus far...but it never leaves my mind.

I'm always worried about it, mainly because of E's neutropenia.