Sunday, July 30, 2006

No more summer camp for a while....

Ashlyn went to day camp this summer, four days a week for about 8 weeks. I really didn't want her to go but one of our support persons talked me in to it, telling me that she would just love it and have so much fun. Maybe she is....I don't know. BUT I do know that she has been left out of 3-4 field trips...just left at the school where they have the camp, with a few other kids who didn't go and the counselors. I am beyond angry. This is a camp for kids with disabilities and the bus driver tells me that they didn't take her on a few of the field trips because she is in DIAPERS???? You have to be kidding me! I hate confrontation....really I do. So I called this "support" person and she is telling me EVERY TIME I call that there must be some mistake and that she will get to the bottom of it. Funny how I can never get a answer from these might recognize the name...ARC. grrrrrr I am just so frustrated I could cry. I have already paid for the entire summer and will not be refunded any money if I pull her out. Luckily there are only two more weeks left and she will be out of there....never to return again!

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