Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy birthday to Spenser!

Today is my oldest sons 17th birthday! Spenser is such a good kid, awesome son and brother.  He loves his little sisters who both have Down syndrome so much.  Since Anna has come home to us from Rus$ia he loves to tote her around and show her off. :)  He takes both of the girls on rides through the neighborhood and takes Anna to the store with him every chance he gets :)  He would take Ashlyn more, but she is too difficult to deal with in the store and doesn't listen to authority worth a hoot!!! Yep she is my stubborn one.  Here are a few pics of the kiddos today after we went out to dinner for Spenser's birthday.  Aren't all my children so photogenic? LOL- NONE of them would cooperate except Anna and once in a while Spenser would when he wasn't tending to Ashlyn who was misbehaving!!  So here ya go....the crazy Williams clan......


Mason looks thrilled......

Spenser and his sweet lil' Anna :)

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